Living a luxurious doesn’t mean being rich or having a lot of wealth. It just means living in the right place and in the correct surrounding. Your surrounding dictates a lot the kind of life you will have. Chennai is one of the most luxurious cities in India. It has a lot lavishness starting from its streets, modern houses, car models in their roads and so forth. For that reason if you want to experience what living in a lavish lifestyle means, give yourself a chance and visit Chennai. There are various lavish tourist attractions sites and below are just a few examples.

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Small Info about the Luxurious Lifestyle of Chennai

Elliot’s Beach

Elliot beach is another calm beach that Chennai residents and her tourists visit to enjoy some serene and quiet moments. Elliot’s Beach is beautiful with several food stalls around. It also contains ample parking space. If you visit this beach early in the morning you might be lucky to spot some flamingos and pond herons. Elliot’s Beach is specifically located in Besant Nagar. This beach is cool and makes a perfect spot for a relaxing evening. You can visit it anytime of the day but the most preferred time is between 6am to 7 pm. This beach is second best and a great alternative to the Marina Beach.

Small Info about the Luxurious Lifestyle of Chennai


For you to have a better understanding of the traditions and culture of Southern India, ensure you set your foot in Dakshinachitra. This is a living museum of crafts and culture, performance arts and showcases the lifestyles of people in all four southern states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. There are different transport means to Dakshinachitra some of which include: taxis, buses and private vehicles. It also have great attraction sites like Vernacular architecture, folk performances, and regional houses recreated for visitors from the four states and glass blowing demo. There is a small entrance fee charged for both adults and children. The favorable working hours are 10am to 6 pm. This is a great place for kids because it organizes workshops for both kids and adults.

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