The sex industry is made up of various job roles that people do despite of us all being one community. An escort is one of the job titles found in this industry. So the million dollar question is who is an escort? An escort can simply be defined as a woman hired to operate as a companion or guard. A female escort is a temporary companion who is paid by the hour and not the act. They are classier and more expensive than streetwalkers. Escorts may run ads, create fun websites or use agencies to find clients. There are several differences between an escort and a streetwalker despite the fact they both provide sex for money.

Are escorts proud of their career?

Different escorts have different views about their career. Many independent girls escorts are proud of their career and would never take anything else in exchange. There are a few who have abandoned their noble professions to work as female escorts. However some and especially those working under agencies are uncomfortable working as escorts. There are some who joined escort agencies with a goal of becoming rich in a fortnight. This has led to a lot of disappointment and regrets because they were not aware of what escorting was entailed of.

Hidden Facts about life of Independent Female Escorts

How do they deal with intimate relationships and boyfriends?

This is a question that has been lingering in many people’s minds. The shocking truth is, some female Chennai escorts are not just dating but married with children. Many independent escorts take this just like any other career. They have managed to maintain a balance between their families and career. It is not easy to reveal this to your partner unless you have a very good relationship. Secondly giving very few or no job details to your partner will go a long way in securing your marriage. For an independent escort, she can decide to limit services she offers to her clients. This facility is however not available to female escorts who work under escort agencies.

Do escorts have role models?

In every field, there will always be someone who is ahead of you and escorting is not different. This is mostly evident in escort agencies where the new escorts depend on their older counterparts for guidelines. As I mentioned earlier, there are female escorts who joined this industry for money. They looked at a friend or their neighbor and admired their lavish lifestyle. Such escorts are likely to take them as their role models. The life of an escort is such a busy one but full of fun and adventure.

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